Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Jose Luis Acanda Of Fredericksburg VA Is A Martial Arts Champion

Jose Luis Acanda of Fredericksburg VA is a 4 time nation champion of martial arts. He is a well trained Tae Kwon do instructor with valuable experience of teaching more than 100 students ranging from age 5 to 55. He is a Tiger Den Tae Kwon Do Black Belt trainer and was also a part of an Olympic team as well. He was a member of “Cerro Pelado Tournament”. He instructed 4 classes on daily bases and provided private sessions in TKD for conditioning and sparring.

Master Jose Luis Acanda took his education from Cuba and trained by the elite Cuban Sports Federation in Olympic style tae kwon do.  When he came to America, he attended the martial school for 8 years and became a Virginia State Champion once. He did his first job as a Tae kwon do instructor at a junior high school in the province of Pinal del Rio, Cuba. His career graph took a steep increase when he started working with the US Tae Kwon Do College in May 2004, which is located in Tysons Corner in Virginia.

One person who inspires him the most is Fidel Castro as his hero because that's what he was taught to believe. But at present, he admires those who look up to everyone and takes care of their families and works hard to improve. He is very hard working instructor who knows the knack of training to the people of all age groups diligently. When not busy with his professional life, he likes to play paintball, riding bike, running, camping trips and dancing. He is very close to his family and also spends quality time with his family.